Maintenance fees and other recurrent retirement village charges

Whichever retirement village you choose, you will have to pay recurrent charges, including maintenance fees.

Maintenance fees

You will usually have to pay a maintenance fee every week, fortnight or month. It helps cover the cost of:

  • managing the retirement village, including staff salaries 
  • maintaining the facilities and common areas available to all residents, such as gardens and recreational facilities 
  • providing additional services available to all residents, such as emergency call system monitoring.

For owner residents (strata title holders), the maintenance fee will also include a component for owners’ corporation fees, used to pay for upkeep of common property, public liability insurance, and other costs. For more information, view our Fees – owners corporations page.

Some retirement villages offer residents a choice between independent and assisted living arrangements. The recurrent charges will be higher for an assisted living contract that includes regular extras, such as meal services.

Maintenance fees can increase. For more information about this, view our Increasing fees and charges for retirement villages page.

Fees for personal services

These services may be available to you on an as-needs basis, including meals, cleaning, laundry and personal care, such as assistance with bathing and dressing. They are normally provided on a user-pays basis, at commercial rates.

Recurrent fees after leaving

You may have to pay some recurrent fees even after you have left your retirement village. For more information about ongoing charges when you leave a retirement village, view our Leaving a retirement village page.

Last updated: 26/05/2015

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