About inspections

Inspections overview

We inspect Victorian businesses to check that they are complying with the legislation we administer, or to investigate when there are signs that a business may not be complying.

For information on how we target our compliance and enforcement activities, view our Compliance and enforcement policy.

Our inspectors are appointed in accordance with section 142 of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012, with powers stipulated in parts 6.1–6.3 of the Act. 

Our inspectors may:

  • arrange a time to meet with businesses to discuss compliance obligations
  • visit a business without prior notification to conduct an inspection
  • enter and search business premises
  • require businesses to produce documents and information
  • inspect documents
  • make copies or take extracts of documents
  • seize documents or goods.

There are penalties if you do not comply with these requirements, or provide false or misleading information to an inspector.

Your rights 

Businesses we inspect have a right to:

  • see an inspector’s identification before or during an inspection
  • give us feedback about the conduct of an inspector. For details, view the Provide feedback about our services section on our How to contact us page
  • fair handling of personal information. For more information, view our Privacy statement.

Last updated: 28/04/2017

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