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Long-term lease agreements


Families are the most common renters in Victoria and there are many who would benefit from a long-term lease arrangement in order to be able to lay down roots – to find a local job, enrol their kids in school and establish themselves in a community.

Many Victorians want the certainty and stability provided by a longer term tenancy agreement. Changes will be made to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to cover leases for longer than five years with a new, optional long-term tenancy agreement to be developed in 2017.

Long-term lease agreements are part of the Victorian Government’s Homes for Victorians housing strategy and support the government’s Plan for Fairer, Safer Housing, which committed to support long-term leases between interested parties.

To support this, an online matching service is being developed to connect tenants and landlords who are interested in long-term leases.