A fair and safe rental market

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Residential tenancies review

In 2015, we began a major review of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 to examine how well Victoria’s rental laws work in the modern market. The review is examining issues across a broad range of areas including security of tenure, landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, rent and bonds, property conditions, alternate tenures and dispute resolution.

The review aims to strike a balance between the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords to meet both their needs.

It will also support the improvement of housing outcomes for victims of family violence by implementing recommendation 116 of the Royal Commission with the government’s Family Violence Implementation Taskforce. A lack of financial security can jeopardise a victim's ability to maintain a safe and secure tenancy, and implementation of this recommendation – part of a suite aimed at promoting financial recovery for family violence victims – will help address this.

Consultation for the review involved comprehensive stakeholder engagement, including the release of discussion papers for public comment via a website - engage.vic.gov.au/fairersaferhousing - dedicated to engaging the public and enabling their input into the review.

The main phase of consultation has now concluded. More than 4,800 public comments were received, including 508 written submissions. This input will inform the development of the government’s reforms. The review is scheduled to conclude in 2018.