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Extending our capabilities through partnerships

We delivered on a commitment to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations that extend our capabilities and embed partnerships as a core organisational tool.

Our new partnership strategy incorporates an annual Consumer Forum, a series of industry-specific reference panels, the development of stakeholder relationship plans and improved information management with our stakeholders.

The Consumer Forum brings together a number of organisations representing the interests of consumers, to develop a set of recommendations for us to consider when developing our annual priorities for the coming year. To ensure that consumer organisations are properly represented, an independent consumer industry representative was appointed to co-chair the forum. This was further supported by a working group to assist in the development of an agenda and key issues to be discussed at the Forum. Work is currently underway on the second Consumer Forum, to take place in late 2017.

In 2016-17, the first two of the reference panels were piloted, covering real estate and funded services. These reference panels brought together key industry participants in the areas of the sale of land and funded service delivery.

In the coming year we will continue work on the development of further reference panels, stakeholder relationship plans and better management of stakeholder information and engagement.