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Reducing red tape

In June 2016 the Minister for Consumer Affairs issued a reducing red tape Statement of Expectations to Consumer Affairs Victoria and the Business Licensing Authority for 2016-17, which is an extension of the Statement that was in place for the previous two financial years. This Statement sets out the Minister’s expectations of our continued contribution to the Government’s Regulation Reform Program to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practices.

The Statement encouraged us to continue with our risk-based approach to regulation and to identify key areas of governance and operational performance where there are opportunities to make improvements that reduce the cost of regulation for business, not-for-profit organisations, government service providers and households.

The projects identified as part of the Statement fall under three broad objectives:

Increased accountability and transparency

To better inform business and consumers about our regulatory approach to risk, enforcement and regulatory action, we released our new Regulatory Approach and Compliance Policy in July 2017. This policy sets out how we ensure compliance with consumer laws and make regulatory decisions. It provides the public with clear information on the objectives and decision-making principles that guide our compliance and enforcement activity.

Improved timeliness

We developed an online tool to assist consumers who are building or renovating to find the information they need quickly and easily. The tool takes consumers through a question tree to ascertain which stage they are at in the building process, and direct them to the information that they require. For more information on the new online tool, view our Understanding the building process page.

We made it simpler for private landlords to submit residential tenancy bonds to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA). Enhancements to the RTBA Online transactional website have enabled private landlords to access this system to submit bonds via electronic funds transfer.

Reducing the cost of compliance for small business

The Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) service commenced in April 2017, delivering on the commitment to reduce the delays and costs for builders and consumers in relation to resolving disputes. DBDRV can issue binding orders when conciliation does not resolve the matters in dispute. Mandatory dispute resolution and binding dispute resolution orders will help to resolve building disputes faster and more affordably. The new service should significantly reduce the delays, costs and stresses typically associated with formal tribunal or court legal proceedings.

For more information, visit the DBDRV website.