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New online tool - understanding the building process

Building or renovating your home can be complex. Victorians planning to build or renovate now have a handy addition to their tool kits.

In October 2016, we launched a new self-service online domestic building tool which streamlines access to building and renovating information to help people make informed decisions, understand their legal rights and obligations, and resolve issues such as defects or delays. The tool helps reduce the complexity in the building area, so that consumers can access clear, comprehensive and timely information in one place, enabling them to understand and assert their rights.

Users can find answers about their building needs, with the tool directing them to appropriate information on the Consumer Affairs Victoria, Victoria Building Authority, Victorian Managed Insurance Authority and Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria websites.

Developed jointly by these agencies, the online tool helps consumers navigate insurance, consumer information, dispute resolution and the regulatory framework.

Topics include builder registration, contracts, insurance, plans and permits, information for owner-builders and advice on resolving problems.

Since its launch, more than 20,000 people have used the tool.

For more information, view our Understanding the building process page.