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This section provides a report of our performance against targets specified in the Budget Paper Number 3 2016-17.

For budget purposes, outputs are defined as those goods and services provided to government by departments, agencies, statutory bodies and through funding provided to others, such as community agencies. The table below reports actual performance against targets for each output measure.

Unit of measure

2014-15 Actual

2015-16 Actual

2016-17 Target

2016-17 Actual

Information and advice provided to consumers, tenants and businesses: through telephone service1 number 352,369
349,985 354,500 325,773
Information and advice provided to consumers, tenants and businesses: through other services including written correspondence, face to face and dispute assistance2 number
129,430 123,309 124,300 114,176
Compliance activities, from compliance assistance through to court actions3
11,344 9,774 9,600 9,075
Transactions undertaken: registration and licensing transactions
70,679 88,221 84,000 84,154
Transactions undertaken: Residential Tenancies Bonds Authority (RTBA) transactions
432,569 447,934 457,000 454,238
Rate of compliance with key consumer laws
per cent
97.6 95 98.2

Regulatory functions delivered within agreed time frames
per cent 90.5 95.7 93 93.8

Total output cost‚Äč4 $ million 119.1 115.3 126.3 134.4

1The actual is lower than target due to a reduction in call volumes. This is in line with our strategic intent to increase uptake of its digital services, thereby reducing the need for further telephone assistance.

2The actual is lower than target due to increased complexity of financial counselling cases limiting the number of clients assisted by funded agencies, as well as decreases in written correspondence received by us.

3The actual is lower than target as planned market monitoring activity was not required as a result of sufficient information being obtained to assure major investigations.

4The actual is higher than target due to costs involved in the establishment of Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria and higher than expected claims for losses arising from the defalcation of estate agent trust funds.