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Incorporated association's details

Registration number: A0113860I
Registration status: Registered
Date registered: 09 September 2021
Date deregistered: -
Members: 5 or more
Date of incorporated association name change: -
Date of last AGM: -


North and East Syria Solidarity Inc is established to be a charity with the purposes of:
1. Advancing health by:
a) facilitating the provision of training and other professional development by Australian medical professionals to their colleagues in North and East Syria;
b) obtaining funds to purchase and provide necessary medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and medical centres in North and East Syria; and
c) facilitating treatment and rehabilitation services for people in North and East Syria who have been injured or maimed in war or conflict.
2. Advancing education by:
a) facilitating links between teachers and other education professionals in Australia with their colleagues in North and East Syria;
b) obtaining funds to purchase and provide educational and training resources to schools, colleges and other educational institutions in North and East Syria;
c) facilitating formal relationships between schools and other educational institutions in North and East Syria with equivalent institutions in Australia; and
d) fostering public awareness about North and East Syria in Australia through educational seminars, lectures and similar events.
3. Advancing culture by:
a) promoting and facilitating cultural exchanges between North and East Syria and Australia;
b) providing for the observance of the customs, festivals and ceremonies of North and East Syria in Australia;
c) fostering public awareness of and interest in the history of the North and East Syria region; and
d) undertaking talks, discussions and seminars in Australia on the culture of North and East Syria.

(NB: NESS Inc's full Purpose, as included in the Rules, has 12 parts and exceeds 2,000 characters)

Financial information

Tier: Tier 1
Ongoing financial year end date: 30 June
Last annual statement lodged: -

Please note: From 1 July 2018, if a Victorian Incorporated Association is also registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), they are exempt from lodging annual statements to Consumer Affairs Victoria.

If you are unsure if this Incorporated Association reports to the ACNC, or wish to see the financial information of a registered charity, please refer to the ACNC website.


Type of rules: Model Rules
Date of special resolution where rule changes occurred: -


Date current secretary appointed: 09 September 2021

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