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When to complain

We advise and assist both consumers and businesses; however, we can only accept a formal complaint about a business or landlord, not a consumer or tenant.

We can accept written complaints when:

  • the consumer or tenant has made a reasonable attempt to resolve the dispute with the business or landlord. For more information, view our Resolve a dispute page
  • the subject matter is within our jurisdiction and is not more appropriately handled by another body
  • consumer or tenancy legislation or the consumer’s or tenant’s contractual rights appear to have been breached
  • the complaint has a reasonable chance of being settled 
  • the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) or the courts have not already ruled on the matter and there is no case pending.

We can try to help you reach an agreement by providing advice or conciliation. However, only VCAT or the courts can compel a business or landlord to resolve an issue. We can advise you about your options with VCAT or the courts.

Note: Generally, we do not provide details about complaints we have received about a particular business. For more information, view our Privacy statement. We may choose to name businesses in certain circumstances. If a news alert, media release or enforcement outcome regarding a business has been published, it will be available in our News and events section and through our Facebook and Twitter posts. 


Conciliation is an informal process to help you and the business resolve the dispute through communication, identifying the issues in dispute and exploring options for resolution.

For more information, view our Resolve a dispute page.

Complaint forms

Use the following forms to help you make an effective complaint.

General consumer issues


Building and renovating

Owners corporations

Retirement villages

Motor vehicles

Estate agents

For property buyers/sellers/landlords who wish to make a complaint about an estate agent, please use either of the following:

For tenants who wish to make a complaint about a landlord/estate agent, please use the Residential accommodation complaint (PDF, 88KB).

Product safety

Downloadable forms should be printed, completed and mailed to:

Consumer Affairs Victoria
GPO Box 4567
Melbourne VIC 3001

Alternatively, you can fax forms to the number on the form or, if none provided, to 03 8684 6295.

You may also scan and email them to

If you have any problems using the online forms, please call 1300 55 81 81. Overseas callers, please call +61 3 8684 0735.


You can call the Consumer Affairs Helpline, Monday to Friday (except public holidays). Calling our Helplines costs the same as a local call. Additional charges may apply from mobile or payphones. For more information, view our Contact us - telephone page.

Last updated: 24/08/2016

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