Fire Services Levy Monitor

Update: Closure of the Office of the Fire Services Levy Monitor

The Fire Services Levy Monitor Act 2012 was repealed on 31 December 2014. The Office of the Fire Services Levy Monitor has ceased operations, including all phone lines, email addresses and postal addresses.

If you have any queries or concerns about the charging of the Fire Services Property Levy, please contact your local council, or the State Revenue Office on 13 21 61.

If you believe your insurance company has charged a fire services levy on an insurance policy after 30 June 2013, please call our general Helpline on 1300 55 81 81 or view our Make a complaint page.


The Fire Services Property Levy was introduced on 1 July 2013, replacing the insurance-based Fire Services Levy.

It is based on the capital improved value of all properties in Victoria, and is collected by local councils.

The Fire Services Property Levy funds the Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board and the Country Fire Authority.

For more information on how the Fire Services Property Levy works, visit the Fire Services Property Levy website.

Enforceable undertakings

The Fire Services Levy Monitor Act 2012 (the Act) provides that the Monitor may accept a written undertaking given by a person or body corporate in connection with a matter that the Monitor’s powers or functions relate to. This includes an undertaking that gives effect to the remedy of a breach of the Act.

Compliance with undertakings are enforceable by the Magistrates’ Court on application by the Monitor for a court order.

The Monitor accepted the following enforceable undertakings:

Quarterly reports

Last updated: 23/11/2015

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