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Checking the status of a bond transaction

The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) allows tenants, residents, landlords, estate agents and owners to view the details and status of a bond transaction through RTBA Online.

Estate agents can be approved as registered users, so they can view and undertake transactions on bonds registered to them.

To check the details and status of a bond transaction:

  1. Visit the RTBA Online website.
  2. If you are a tenant or landlord, enter the Bond ID and family name of one of the tenants. This will open the 'Bond Summary' page, which displays the current bond information.
  3. If you are an agent, sign in using your User ID and password. 

Agents can search:

  • a bond using bond details, form number, Director of Housing (DoH) number, Electronic Transaction (ET) number, transaction ID, property address or tenant name
  • a list of the agent's bonds using their RTBA number.
Tenants and Landlords