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Claiming or transferring a bond when a tenant has died

If a tenant or resident registered to the bond has died, the bond may be claimed or transferred with the approval of the surviving tenants or residents, or the legal representative of the deceased tenant.

If the deceased tenant paid a share of a bond with the other tenants or residents, the surviving tenants or residents have control of the bond. Proof of death should be attached to a Bond Claim or Tenant Transfer form. Acceptable proof of death documents include;

  • a full death certificate
  • an interim death certificate issued by the Coroner
  • a Probate or Letter of Administration.

If the deceased tenant or resident was the only person registered to the bond, the control of the bond will be held by that tenant or resident's legal representative (executor or administrator) or next of kin. Two attachments will be required to be attached to a signed Bond Claim or Tenant Transfer form:

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