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Confirming or requesting changes to electronic transaction details provided by your agent

Click on the link provided in the alert email the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) sends you to access your Tenant Review page.

The first page is about Electronic Transactions (ET) Terms of Use. You will be asked to review these. If you do not agree to the terms, the transaction will be cancelled and the agent and any other tenants will be informed by email. If you accept the terms, the Tenant Review page will be shown. You will have the choice of accepting the ET details shown or requesting changes.

Tenant acceptance

If you agree with the ET details displayed, select 'Accept details' and the agreement will be recorded.

If you are to receive a repayment from a Bond Claim, you will be asked before accepting the transaction how the repayment is to be made to you (either enter your bank account details and a forwarding address, or an address to send a cheque). This information will not be visible to other tenants.

When all parties have agreed on the ET details, the transaction will be finalised.

Tenant requests for changes

If you want changes to the ET details displayed, you will be shown another screen where you can enter the changes requested and the reason for the changes.

After you submit the requested changes, the RTBA will fax alerts to the agent and email any other tenants. You should direct any questions about the changes requested by a tenant to the person who requested the changes.

The requested changes do not become effective until the agent accepts them. The agent reviews the changes requested by logging into RTBA Online. The agent can accept the changes, re-submit the original details, or cancel the transaction.

The outcome of the agent review will be advised by further alerts. If the agent cancels the transaction, no further online involvement is required by the tenants, but arrangements must be made to submit the proposed transaction to the RTBA using a paper-form or by initiating another ET.

If the agent accepts the changes or re-submits the original transaction, the process flow returns to the step where each tenant/resident needs to confirm the transaction details.
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