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Can you help with disputes involving consumers, businesses, landlords and tenants?

We can help resolve disputes between consumers and businesses, and between landlords and tenants, in accordance with our Conciliation Policy.

Under this policy, we can only conciliate a dispute if:

  • the complaint is within our jurisdiction and not that of another organisation
  • the business or landlord's conduct is alleged to be a breach of consumer legislation administered by us
  • our involvement would promote consumer rights and encourage business compliance
  • the consumer has attempted to resolve the dispute without success
  • the dispute has not arisen from a breach of contract by the consumer
  • there is a reasonable chance of obtaining a resolution through conciliation
  • the matter has not been, and is not scheduled to be, heard by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

As Victoria's consumer affairs regulator, we help businesses and consumers understand their rights and responsibilities.

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