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Should I use a money-finding business to recover unclaimed money?

By 'unclaimed moneys' we mean share dividends, salaries and wages, rents and bonds, debentures and interest, unpresented cheques, trust monies and superannuation benefits. Unclaimed money letters may advise that you have unclaimed moneys from banks, credit unions, building societies, life insurance, friendly societies, companies and superannuation companies.

Money-finding businesses offer to find unclaimed money for a fee. Such businesses may be legitimate, but you may be able to locate unclaimed money by conducting your own searches and therefore not have to pay any fee.

There are a number of unclaimed money databases you can try, including those provided by:

The SRO maintains records of unclaimed money and processes claims for the legal owners. ASIC can help trace unclaimed money, especially life insurance policy proceeds, old bank account balances and shares, and other amounts owing by listed or formerly listed companies.

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