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Getting a Bond Claim form

Claiming a bond requires the agreement of both the landlord/agent and the tenant(s) listed on the bond.

The landlord/agent typically initiates the bond claim process with either an electronic claim or by paper form through the RTBA Online website.

It is best to ask your landlord/agent to initiate an electronic claim to send to you. Refer to the Tenants Guide – RTBA Online to see how this works.


To generate a Bond Claim form as a tenant: 

1.    Visit the RTBA Online website (ensure pop-ups are enabled).

2.    Enter your Bond ID number (found on the bond receipt) and your family name to look up your bond.
If you do not have your bond number, select ‘Forgot your bond number?’

3.    Select the type of user as 'Tenant' and then click 'Search'. This opens the 'Bond Summary' page.

4.    Select the 'Refund your bond' menu item. This opens an instructions page.

5.    Enter the details on each page and then select 'Generate form'.

6.    Print the Bond Claim form and get it signed by the tenant(s) and landlord/agent.

7.    Mail the completed form to:

Locked Bag 007
Wendouree VIC 3355


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