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How to find your bond number and other bond details

You can find your bond number and other bond details from the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) by:

  • referring to the bond receipt sent to you (at the property address) at the beginning of your tenancy
  • using the 'Bond search' function of the RTBA Online website (if you have your bond number). You can print these details and use them as a bond receipt
  • contacting your agent/landlord or owner (if you do not have your bond number), as the RTBA sends them this information
  • calling the RTBA on 1300 137 164 (if you cannot contact the agent/landlord or owner). You will need to provide the property address and the bond value or the name of the agent/landlord or owner. Calling this number costs the same as a local call. Additional charges may apply if you are calling from overseas, on a mobile or payphone.
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