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Lodging a Director of Housing (DoH) bond

To lodge a DoH bond, you need a:

  • DoH Bond Lodgement form
  • DoH cheque made payable to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA).

The DoH sends the form and cheque to the landlord or agent.

Once you have the DoH Bond Lodgement form, signed by all the relevant parties, send the form and payment to:


Locked Bag 007 

Wendouree VIC 3355.

If the bond includes both a DoH and a private contribution, these portions must be lodged separately using two forms:

  • For the private contribution - submit the standard RTBA Bond Lodgement form and a cheque or money order for the amount of the private contribution.
  • For the DoH contribution - submit the DoH Bond Lodgement form, together with the DoH cheque.

The bond value declared on each lodgement form is not the total bond, but the amount the tenant or the DoH has contributed.

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