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Lodging more than one bond for the same property at the same time

You can lodge more than one bond if:

  • the Department of Housing (DoH) provides a loan for a bond and the bond amount is larger than the loan amount. In that case two bonds will be lodged – one consisting of the DoH loan and one for the private contribution
  • there is more than one tenant or resident sharing a house. You may submit multiple bond lodgement forms (that is, a form for each tenant), with one or more cheques or money orders totalling to the correct amount
  • there is an overlap between tenancies; the new bond for the new tenants can overlap with the existing bond
  • a bond has been lodged and:
    • the original weekly rental was more than $350 in a short-term lease (five years or less) or $760 in a long-term lease (more than five years)
    • the tenant enters into a subsequent lease with a higher bond while still living at the same house
  • the original bond is being topped up, under the terms of a long-term tenancy agreement using Form 2.
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