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Making a bulk agent/landlord transfer for more than one bond at a time

Registered Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) Agents may submit an Agent/Landlord Transfer form when there are a number of properties to transfer from one property manager to another. You can generate this form by logging into RTBA Online.

To do a bulk agent/landlord transfer, you must submit a:

  • single Agent/Landlord Transfer form:
    • indicating 'bond list attached', in section 1 of the form
    • ensuring the outgoing and incoming agents enter their agent details and sign the form
    • ensuring these signatures match with the signatories list registered with the RTBA
  • bond list of properties being transferred (not required in the exemption below)
    • including the bond number, bond amount, property address and tenant names
    • ensuring the outgoing and incoming agents sign on each page of this list.

You are exempt from providing the bond list when transferring an entire rent roll. In these cases:

  • write 'Transfer entire rent roll' in section 1 of the Agent/Landlord Transfer form. This tells the RTBA that all bonds currently registered under the outgoing agent are to be transferred to the new agent
  • you do not need to attach a bond list
  • you can leave section 2 of the form blank
  • both agents must sign sections 3 and 4 of the form as usual.
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