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Who is responsible for repairs in an owners corporation?

An owners corporation must repair and maintain its common property. As a lot owner, you may be able to ask the owners corporation to carry out necessary repairs on the common property.

If an individual lot owner fails to carry out required repairs or maintenance on their lot, the owners corporation can:

  1. instruct them to carry out the repairs by serving a notice (Word, 63 KB)
  2. carry out the repairs if the lot owner does not comply with the notice
  3. recover the costs of the works.

The owners corporation may be able to recover the costs of works completed for the benefit of only some lot owners. Whoever benefits more pays more, so an individual lot owner may be liable for the costs, or share the costs with any other affected lot owners.

If your owners corporation will decide on an issue via a vote, either at a general meeting or by ballot, please refer to our voting and ballot guidelines.

If you cannot resolve a dispute with your owners corporation, either party can begin the dispute resolution process.