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Registering or updating your bank details on RTBA Online – property managers

Your RTBA Online Administrator can log in to RTBA Online and update bank details for an agency immediately.

  1. If you are the RTBA Online Administrator for your agency, log in and select ‘Property Manager Administration’
  2. Select ‘Bank details’ and fill in the bank details for direct credits (bond repayments/claims) and direct debits (bond lodgements)
  3. Select ‘Update changes’.

You can also submit a paper request to register/update bank details, however this process takes longer:

  1. Log in to RTBA Online
  2. Download the ‘PM Direct Credit Details’ and ‘ET facility application’ forms from the property manager documents panel
  3. Fill in and mail the forms to:

    Locked Bag 007
    Wendouree Vic 3355
  4. Once the RTBA has received and processed the forms, they will notify you of the change.


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