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Registering to use the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) Fax Facility

The RTBA Fax Facility allows registered agents to submit forms and documents by fax.

To reduce the risk of fraud, the RTBA’s Fax Validation service validates incoming faxes against a list of approved fax numbers. Faxes from unapproved numbers are returned automatically, with a notice advising of the issue and that the documents were not viewed or processed. 

For agents to use the Fax Facility, the fax machine needs to be able to display its Calling Line Identification (CLI). The CLI is the actual phone number from which the fax is sent. If the CLI is not available or is set to ‘Anonymous’, you will need to have it made visible before submitting the application. 

There are conditions and obligations associated with the use of the Fax Facility. You can find these on the RTBA Fax Facility Application form.

To register to use the RTBA Fax Facility:

  1. Log into RTBA Online
  2. Download and complete the RTBA Fax Facility Application form. This can be found in the agent documents panel. 
  • Mail completed forms to:

Locked Bag 007

Once the RTBA receives the RTBA Fax facility Application form, they will process it and check it has been filled in correctly. If the form has not been completed properly, you will receive a rejection notice advising you what needs to be done so your application can be processed.

The RTBA will then send you a Conditional Approval notice. This notice will request you to fax the first transactional documents to the RTBA so they can verify your Calling Line Identification (CLI) with the registered number. If you do not receive an Invalid Fax notice within 24 hours from your first use of the RTBA Fax Facility, you may continue to fax documents to the RTBA. 

If the CLI cannot be matched or identified, one of the following two Invalid Fax notices will be sent to you by mail: 

  • Invalid Fax Received by RTBA - Calling Line Identification set to ‘Anonymous’ 
  • Fax Received by RTBA - Calling Line Identification (CLI) not approved.
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