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How can I make a Tenant Transfer against an Electronic Transactions (ET) bond?

As an agent, you can only initiate an ET Tenant Transfer after the agency has completed the background checks to ensure the prospective tenants/residents are suitable. Where a bond is paid using a DoH bond loan, the bond cannot be transferred to another tenant/resident.

When submitting a Tenant Transfer against an ET bond, you must:

  1. log in to RTBA Online
  2. search for and select the bond you want to transfer
  3. select 'Tenant Transfer' from the menu on the left
  4. select 'Electronic' on the pop-up window to pursue the option of an ET Tenant Transfer, then go to step 5
    Note: if you select 'Paper-based' on the pop-up window, you will generate the paper form online; you will then need to print the form generated and get all the parties to the bond sign the form. When the paper form is submitted, all the tenants/residents must also supply photo ID to confirm their signatures, or you can provide an Agent Certification of tenant signatures
  5. select whether the current tenant/resident is incoming or outgoing, and provide details under 'New Tenants'. To add additional tenants, click 'Add Tenant'. Once satisfied that the data entry is complete, click 'Next'
    A details summary screen will appear. By selecting 'Submit', the system will initiate the transaction.

The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) will then send an SMS and an email to the tenant/resident. The tenant/resident must:

  1. follow the link in their email to RTBA Online
  2. agree to the RTBA Online terms and conditions
  3. review the transfer information and click 'Accept Details' (if any tenant/resident requests a change to the details, the transaction will be referred back to the agent)
  4. click 'Yes' for confirmation of their acceptance to the transaction details in the pop up window.

The tenant/resident will see a confirmation displayed on the screen, showing that the transaction has been completed.

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