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How do I know if my bond is retained?

If you did not provide a mobile phone number on the transactional form submitted to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA), the RTBA will mail a notice of the retained repayment to the:

  • forwarding address provided on the form, or
  • property address (if there was no forwarding address on the form).

If you did provide your mobile phone number, the RTBA will send you an SMS advising the creation of a Retained Repayment of your bond. (A sample SMS is: 'The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority created a Retained Repayment from a claim on your Bond Number 12345678. You can request payment of this amount by visiting: and using the Retained Repayment Search'.)

You can easily search for a retained repayment at RTBA Online using your family name. If the bond has been retained under your name, your name will appear in the search result.

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