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How do natural disasters affect tenants and landlords, owners and agents?

A disaster such as a storm, flood, bushfire or earthquake may raise renting questions about repairs or ending a lease.

If the property is damaged or destroyed, see our information for landlords and tenants after a disaster:

It covers:

  • ending the lease (when the property has been destroyed, or is damaged but still intact)
  • alternative accommodation
  • bond refunds
  • claiming all or part of the bond to cover damage caused by a disaster
  • compensation for a tenant’s possessions destroyed or damaged in a disaster
  • reducing the rent because the property has become damaged
  • responsibility for cleaning debris caused by a disaster
  • repairs to a damaged property
  • landlord inspection of damage to a rental property
  • special laws for emergency repairs
  • responsibility for arranging restoration of utility services
  • warnings about travelling con men.

As Victoria's consumer affairs regulator, we help landlords, agents and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities.

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