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Submitting a form with alterations

The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) may not be able to process a bond-related form if you or your landlord/agent have altered details on the form. The RTBA may send a rejection notice to the landlord or agent.

In this situation, you can either:

  • complete a new form and have it signed by both parties, or
  • provide written consent to alterations in your section of the form. This must include:
    • three pieces of information about the bond, such as the bond number, property address and your full name
    • consent to the alteration
    • your signature, which must match the one registered with the RTBA.

For example, if the bond amount has been altered on a bond lodgement form, either a new form must be completed or the tenant must give the landlord or agent their written consent to the correct bond value.

The landlord/agent can then re-submit the transaction to the RTBA by sending the rejection notice, together with the new bond lodgement form or the consent letters.

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