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Updating the bond when tenants change

If the tenant, or number of tenants, change during the lease, submit a Tenant Transfer form to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA). The form must be signed by all parties to the bond including the agent/landlord, outgoing tenants, incoming tenants and continuing tenants.

The RTBA encourages you to complete the Tenant Transfer form because:

  • the landlord/agent and tenants have a legal duty to inform the RTBA about any change in the number of tenants, or tenant, in the property. Penalties may be applied if you fail to do so
  • if you do not update the bond details, you will have trouble claiming the bond. This is because the RTBA will only release the bond if the name/s and signature/s on the Bond Lodgement form match the name/s and signature/s on the Bond Claim form.
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