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Validating the tenant’s signature - landlords and agents

When processing transactional forms such as a Tenant Transfer or Bond Claim form, the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) identifies the parties to the bond by comparing the signatures on the form to the signatures in the registry. If the signatures do not match, the RTBA will reject the transaction.

If a Tenant Transfer or Bond Claim form is rejected because a tenant’s signature does not match, the RTBA accepts the signature certification from the managing party to the bond as a solution. It is the agent/landlord/owner’s choice to validate a tenant’s signature.

  • Landlords can use the Statutory Declaration by Landlord signature validation form to certify the tenant's signature.

Download the Statutory Declaration by Landlord form (PDF 22 KB). Submit this form to the RTBA.

  • Agents can use the Agent Certification to validate the tenant's signature.

You must be an authorised signatory to certify the tenant signatures on a Bond Claim or Tenant Transfer form.

RTBA Online generated forms have an inbuilt certification. You sign once for the transaction approval and sign again for the certification. Alternatively, the agent certification template can be downloaded from the Agent Documents pane of RTBA Online.

Note: a landlord or agent cannot use a signature certification to replace a missing signature on a Claim or Tenant Transfer form.

The certification may be used where a tenant did not sign the Bond Lodgement form, or a tenant's signature has changed since signing the Bond Lodgement or previous Tenant Transfer form.

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