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When signatures do not match

When processing any bond claims, the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) matches the signatures of all parties to the bond (tenants, residents, landlords or property managers) with the signatures registered via the bond lodgement or tenant transfer forms.

If the signatures do not match, the form is usually returned to the landlord or property manager to be re-submitted. The returned form will set out the RTBA's requirements, including the following options:

  • submit a new form with signatures signed in the same manner as the original signatures held by the RTBA
  • property manager: download an ‘Agent Certification of Tenant Signatures’ form through RTBA Online and submit it to the RTBA
  • private landlords: provide a statutory declaration confirming the identity of the signatories, and provide the RTBA with an indemnity against loss
  • provide an order from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) or a court directing the RTBA on how to repay the bond.

To avoid mismatching signatures, you should use electronic transactions on RTBA Online.

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