Preparing for change

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Victoria’s renting laws are changing. To make sure industry and community groups are ready by 1 July 2020 we will be providing information and training resources.

Resources will be added to this page as they become available. 

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Information materials

We are creating a range of resources to educate tenants, landlords and the community about how key reforms will impact them, and their rights and obligations under the law.

Stakeholder kits

These kits are for use by tenant advocacy groups, social housing bodies, estate agencies and other related bodies, to raise awareness of long-term leases as a new lease agreement option in the Victorian housing market. Each kit contains a long article, short article, social media posts and a fact sheet.

Social media images - tenants
Social media images - landlords


If you require these presentations in an accessible format, please email

Resources on changes to rent increases and providing the renting guide electronically will be available from this page soon. 


We still need to consult the public on some of the detail of the changes. A consultation on the Regulatory Impact Statement will launch in late 2019. We are also working with industry and community groups on other parts of the reforms.

Training materials

We are working with key industry and community groups to develop information and training materials to ensure there is support for the sector to implement the changes.

Detailed reference guides

To help legal practitioners understand the changes, we will be publishing reference guides that will contain more detailed information.

Legislation updates

More information

If you have a question about support for organisations working in the rental sector, email