Guidelines for notice to vacate for endangering safety guide

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Under new renting laws, rental providers (landlords) can terminate a rental agreement due to endangerment. 

A renter may be given a notice to vacate by their rental provider (landlord) if they, or their visitor, endanger: 

  • another resident or other residents 
  • neighbours 
  • the rental provider or their agent, or 
  • the rental provider’s or agent’s contractor or employee. 

The termination date can be the same day the notice is given. 

To help you understand what endangering safety means for this notice, download the Consumer Affairs Victoria guidelines here.

VCAT must consider these guidelines when deciding an eviction application using this notice to vacate. 

This reform also applies to rooming houses, caravan parks and residential parks. 

The new rental laws apply from 29 March 2021.