Fact Sheet 22: When a renter has to pay back rental provider for repairs

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This page is about changes to Victoria's renting laws that have not happened yet. They will be in place by 29 March 2021.

For information on current laws, view our Renting section.

If a rental provider (landlord) has to repair damage to the rental premises caused by a renter, they can issue a notice to require the renter pay the cost of repairs. The renter must pay within 14 days of being given the repair costs.

How much can the rental provider charge?

The rental provider can only charge for the reasonable costs of repair.

What if the renter is finding it hard to pay?

If the renter is experiencing hardship, they may give written notice to the rental provider that they need an additional 14 days to pay them back.

The renter must provide proof of hardship if the provider requests it.

If the rental provider does not allow additional time to pay, the renter can apply to VCAT for an extension.

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