Renters entitled to copy of personal information in a renter database guide

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Renters are entitled to one free copy per year of information about them listed in a renter database.

What are renter databases?

Also called ‘blacklists’ or ‘bad tenant databases’, these are private databases where agents and rental providers can record information about the renting history of certain renters.

Agents and rental providers can pay to access this information when reviewing rental applications. They can also list previous renters on the database in certain circumstances.

Can a renter request the information more than once a year?

Yes, but the information will only be given for free once every 12 months. If the renter requests the information again in a 12-month period, a fee (which must not be excessive) can be charged for giving the information.

What if the information is wrong?

Renters who find an inaccurate or out-of-date listing should ask the person who made the listing to notify the database operator of the required change. Database operators only have to correct or remove a listing when asked by a rental provider or agent (not a renter).

If this is unsuccessful, a renter can apply to VCAT to have the listing changed or removed.