How rent is paid guide

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The renter must be offered at least one reasonably available fee-free method of payment. The method of paying rent should be specified in the rental agreement.

What does reasonably available fee-free method of payment mean?

The rental provider (landlord) must provide at least one method of payment that incurs no extra fees (other than fees payable on the renter’s bank account).

The fee-free method of payment offered must be reasonably available to the renter. For example, BPAY. It would be unreasonable to only allow payments in person on one day of the month.

What about methods of payment that incur extra costs?

Before the renter agrees to pay the rent by a particular method, the rental provider must give them information about any costs and fees.

A rental provider cannot charge a renter for the first issue of a rent payment card.

Can the payment method be changed?

Yes, but only if both renter and rental provider agree on the change.

What about the Commonwealth Government’s Centrepay?

Renters can ask to pay by Centrepay and rental providers must allow this payment method.

These changes also apply to rooming houses, caravan parks and residential parks.