Fact sheet 8: Rental non-compliance register

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This page is about changes to Victoria's renting laws that have not happened yet. They will be in place by 1 January 2021.

For information on current laws, view our Renting section.

New renting laws mean that rental providers (landlords) and their agents will be listed on an online register if:

  • VCAT finds they have failed to meet certain obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, or
  • they are convicted of an offence under the RTA.

The register is a publicly available record managed by Consumer Affairs Victoria. The register will be available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website by 1 January 2021.

To help renters find out more about their rental provider or agent, they can search for the following information listed on the register:

  • rental provider’s name
  • business name and address of the rental provider’s agent (if they have an agent)
  • address of the rented premises.

How long will a listing be kept on the register?

A listing will be removed after three years.

Is it possible for a rental provider or agent to prevent, remove or change their listing on the register?

This is possible in some circumstances:

  • In deciding that the rental provider or agent operated unlawfully, VCAT may also decide that it would be unfair to make a listing. It can order Consumer Affairs Victoria to not list the rental provider or agent on the register.
  • Rental providers and agents can apply to VCAT to prevent, remove or change a listing on the basis that:
    • Consumer Affairs Victoria did not take steps to notify them before making the listing
    • the listing has been on the register for more than three years, or
    • the information in the listing is incorrect.

Rooming house operators, caravan park owners, caravan owners and site owners (and their agents) can also be listed on the register.