Guide for rental providers - Smoke alarms

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Rental providers must ensure that smoke alarms in rental properties are in working condition and tested regularly.

The rental provider must ensure that each smoke alarm is correctly installed and in working condition (including replacing batteries) and that they are tested according to the manufacturer’s instructions once every 12 months. 

The renter must give written notice to the rental provider if they become aware that a smoke alarm is not working. 

The rental provider must immediately arrange for a smoke alarm to be repaired or replaced as an urgent repair if they are notified that it is not in working order. Repair or replacement of a hard-wired smoke alarm must be undertaken by a suitably qualified person. 

The rental provider, on or before the start of the rental agreement, must provide the renter with information about how each smoke alarm works and how they are tested. The rental provider must also inform the renter about their obligation not to tamper with a smoke alarm.