Alan Leslie Davidge - Court action

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6 April 2010
Court actions

A Werribee man has been ordered to pay more than $100,000 compensation to a couple for loss and damage suffered when he falsely claimed to be a licensed builder.

Alan Leslie Davidge pleaded guilty in the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court on April 6 to breaching the Fair Trading Act 1999, by making false and misleading representations that he and his company, Davlan Constructions Pty Ltd, were licensed builders in South Australia.

Mr Davidge also pleaded guilty to three counts under the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995. These included a charge relating to Mr Davidge being involved in his company accepting money for building materials and construction services, but failing to supply all of the materials and completing building as agreed.

Mr Davidge was convicted of four offences and fined a total of $16,000 with $67 costs.

Consumer Affairs Victoria prosecuted the criminal case as well as bringing civil proceedings against Mr Davidge for compensation and an adverse publicity order.

The Court also ordered that Mr Davidge pay $104,497 compensation to the couple for loss and damage, and publish a public notice of the court’s findings against him in both a daily newspaper and a local Werribee newspaper.