Chenbin Ji and Jinna Shao - Enforceable undertaking

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24 August 2015
Enforceable undertakings

The Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria has accepted an undertaking from a Melbourne brothel manager and licensee who failed to meet their legal duties under the Sex Work Act 1994.

Chenbin Ji, 33,  was an  approved brothel manager at Red Lantern Relaxation in Dandenong South. Under the law, an approved manager or licensee must be on duty at a licensed sex work premise at all times it is open for business.

However, an unannounced inspection by officers from Consumer Affairs Victoria, Victoria Police and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in April revealed that no approved manager or licensee was present at the premises.

As part of the undertaking, Mr Ji has agreed to:

  • ensure any brothel or escort agency where he is employed as an approved manager not be left unsupervised during his rostered shifts
  • undergo training as part of the brothel licensee’s compliance program, and practical training regarding his legal duties, at least once a year
  • pay $500 to the Sex Work Regulation Fund.

The brothel’s licensee, Jinna Shao, 41, gave an undertaking to the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria that the business will:

  • implement and maintain a compliance program for all approved managers and the licensee for a two year period and notify the Director once this compliance program has been implemented. This is to ensure the licensed business is properly supervised during opening hours; and
  • pay $1000 to the Sex Work Regulation Fund.

Download the full text:

Chenbin Ji - Enforceable undertaking (Word, 179KB)

Chenbin Ji - Enforceable undertaking (PDF, 425KB)

Jinna Shao - Enforceable undertaking (Word, 187KB)

Jinna Shao - Enforceable undertaking (PDF, 625KB)