Daniel Wayne Auld - Court action

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10 September 2015
Court actions

An unregistered builder has been fined $4,500 in the Sunshine Magistrates’ Court, following an action by Consumer Affairs Victoria relating to his work at a property in Spotswood.

Daniel Wayne Auld, 31, of Sunshine West, trading as Timbertec Carpentry & Constructions, pleaded guilty to various breaches of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, the Building Act 1993 and the Australian Consumer Law (Victoria).  

As well as not being a registered builder at any relevant time, Mr Auld also:

  • took an initial deposit of 40 per cent of the contract price. By law, the maximum deposit a builder can ask for is 10 per cent (for works of less than $20,000) or five per cent (for works of $20,000 or more)
  • failed to provide his client with a contract that included all the information legally required  
  • failed to complete the work within the time period specified or a within a reasonable time
  • carried out work while unregistered.

The work Mr Auld was hired to complete included:

  • demolishing existing bathrooms, plumbing, plastering, tiling and installation of bathroom cabinetry and fittings
  • installing kitchen splashbacks and stair rails
  • laying floorboards
  • painting the house’s interior.

As well as the fine, Mr Auld was also ordered to pay $250 in court costs.

All fines must be paid to the Domestic Builders Fund.