Guy Anderson - Court action

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20 January 2010
Court actions

A builder has been fined $12,000 and ordered to pay compensation of more than $42,000 after carrying out work while unregistered.

Guy Anderson of Ceres, trading as The Patio & Verandah Company, The Little Patio & Verandah Company and Access Design & Construction, pleaded guilty to 38 offences in Melbourne Magistrates Court on January 20.

The offences related to breaches of the Fair Trading Act 1999, Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 and the Building Act 1993.

Mr Anderson entered into domestic building contracts with eight customers and carried out work while unregistered. He accepted payment for some building work but did not carry it out.

He also made false and misleading representations to five consumers that he would obtain building permits and failed to do so.

Mr Anderson was convicted and ordered to pay a $12,000 fine and court costs of $1267 and further ordered to pay compensation of $42,038.