Incorporated associations - Legislation update

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26 November 2012
Legislation updates

Victorian incorporated associations stand to benefit from the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (the Act) and its associated regulations, which commenced today. The new Act replaced the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

The main changes to the law relate to:

  • annual financial reporting provisions
  • trading activities
  • statement of purposes
  • rules
  • defining an office holder
  • protection for office holders
  • minimum rights of members
  • meetings
  • secretary
  • record-keeping
  • disciplinary proceedings and grievance procedures
  • register of members and personal information
  • contracts and other documents.

More information

Further information about the Act, a copy of the new model rules, and how your association can adapt to the new laws, is available in our Incorporated associations section. You can also sign up for email updates.