Laurence Glynne Hann and Vicki Ann Lowe - Court action

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4 April 2011
Court actions

The promoters of a bogus business opportunity have been sentenced to suspended jail terms for failing to comply with court orders.

In April 2010, Ballarat Magistrates' Court found that Laurence Glynne Hann, 69, of Henty, and Vicki Ann Lowe, 63, of Maryborough, had engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct and other breaches of the Fair Trading Act 1999, Business Names Act 1962 and the Fundraising Act 1998.

At the time, the court ordered Mr Hann and Ms Lowe to refund four investors a total of $45,500 and to publish public notices in Ballarat’s The Courier and Swan Hill’s The Guardian newspapers, informing the public of the court outcome.

Of the $45,500 refund ordered by the court, only $1200 was paid by Mr Hann and Ms Lowe. The pair also failed to publish the public notices as ordered.

On 16 March 2011, Mr Hann and Ms Lowe were sentenced in Ballarat Magistrates’ Court to a suspended 14-day jail term. They must publish the public notices by 16 May 2011 or will be jailed for 14 days.

When Mr Hann and Ms Lowe failed to refund the investors within the timeframe set by the court in April last year, Consumer Affairs Victoria instituted bankruptcy proceedings against them in the Federal Magistrates’ Court of Australia. Mr Hann and Ms Lowe were declared bankrupt by the court on 16 December 2010.