Loretta Pavlovic - Court action

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2 December 2010
Court actions

Online vehicle broker Loretta Pavlovic, 47, has been convicted and fined $5000 in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court for unlicensed motor car trading.

Ms Pavlovic pleaded guilty to four criminal charges of breaching the Motor Car Traders Act 1986 by being an unlicensed motor car trader. Ms Pavlovic also admitted one charge of breaching the Fair Trading Act 1999 by accepting payment without providing goods or services.

Ms Pavlovic used her website, yourvehiclebroker.com.au, to act as an agent for people buying and selling cars. She offered 26 cars for sale between June 2006 and April 2008. 

Anyone who offers to buy, sell or exchange four or more cars in 12 months is seen to be acting as a motor car trader and must be licensed.

Consumer Affairs Victoria obtained injunctions last year to stop Ms Pavlovic trading illegally because her offending had caused significant loss to several consumers.