Changes affecting rental properties from 1 July 2012 - Legislation update

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16 August 2012
Legislation updates

There are new laws about who must alert water providers when a tenant moves into or leaves a rental property.

These changes to the Water Act 1989 became effective from 1 July 2012. They apply only when a property or site has its own water meter. They affect:

  • tenants in private rental properties
  • caravan park residents, and
  • site tenants in movable dwellings.

When a tenant starts living at a property, the landlord (or owner or operator) must inform the relevant water provider.

When a tenant leaves the property, the tenant must inform the water provider.

The rules have not changed for properties without a separate meter.

The Water Act is administered by the Department of Sustainability and Environment. For more information, visit the Department of Sustainability and Environment website.