Gelzar Ali Aziz - Court outcome

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23 April 2019
Court actions

A North Fitzroy woman has been convicted, fined $35,670 and ordered to pay costs of $6,662 following an appeal at the County Court of Victoria.

We took action against Gelzar Ali Aziz, 50, after our investigations revealed she had bought six cars at an auction house and sold 69 vehicles between March 2016 and March 2017.

If a person deals in four or more cars per year in Victoria, they generally need a motor car traders licence issued by the Business Licensing Authority.

Ms Aziz pleaded guilty in the initial prosecution at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to two charges of unlicensed motor car trading, in breach of the Motor Car Traders Act 1986.

Ms Aziz was originally fined $23,212.88 without a conviction. The Director of Public Prosecutions lodged an appeal against the decision, on the ground that the sentence was inadequate.

The higher fine imposed on appeal in the County Court replaces the orders of the Magistrates’ Court.