Nadim Mindraoui - Court action

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5 August 2013
Court actions

A former real estate agency accounts manager has been sentenced to a 15-month community correction order after taking about $160,000 in trust money.

Nadim Mindraoui, 20, of Caroline Springs, was working with his father - a director of City Residential Real Estate Pty Ltd - when he took the money from the agent’s trust account between December 2010 and April 2012 for the purposes of gambling.

Mr Mindraoui, who had no previous convictions, was 18 when the offending began. The trust money had since been repaid.

He pleaded guilty in Sunshine Magistrates’ Court to contravening the Estate Agent’s Act 1980 by fraudulently converting the trust money to his own use.

Under the community correction order, Mr Mindraoui was required to attend the Sunshine Community Corrections Centre by 1 August, and:

  • perform 60 hours of unpaid community work
  • undergo a mental health assessment and treatment as directed
  • undergo an offending behaviour program (or programs) as directed.

The sentencing magistrate noted that he would have received a jail term, but for his guilty plea. Mr Mindraoui must also pay costs of $439.

A community correction order includes basic conditions such as not reoffending and not leaving Victoria without permission.

If the offender does not comply with the order, or commits further offences during the period, they can be charged with breaching the order and may face further penalties or imprisonment.

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