Koori consumers: it's OK to walk away - News alert

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18 July 2017
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Consumer Affairs Victoria is encouraging Koori consumers to remember ‘it’s OK to walk away’ from unsolicited, high-pressure sales.

Koori consumers in urban and rural areas will be encouraged to be aware of their consumer rights and have the confidence to say no to pushy salespeople through the campaign, part of a national initiative by government consumer agencies.

Recent actions against suppliers by Federal and State government regulators have highlighted the specific targeting of Aboriginal consumers, including cases involving sales of mobile phone services, electronic goods, photography packages, and VET FEE training courses.

The campaign will highlight the high-pressure tactics used by salespeople including:

  • the freebie - free offers such as laptops luring you into a contract. You may end up paying for the item (and more) over the life of the contract
  • the special deal - the one-time or today-only offer made to make you buy without you reading or understanding the contract
  • the chatty man – the salesperson who keeps on talking to persuade you into buying or signing
  • your new best friend – the salesperson who has spent a lot of time with you and now says they’re your ‘mate’
  • the complainer – the salesperson who says you are wasting their time
  • the manipulator – the salesperson who tries to make you feel guilty or ashamed for not buying something for your children or your future - they are making a sale by getting to your emotions. 

Tips to avoid a high-pressure sale: 

  • remember – it is ok to walk away, hang up the phone or ask the salesperson to leave your home 
  • you have the right to ask questions and compare prices and deals. Always remember: you do not have to buy today 
  • get a Do Not Knock sticker and get on the Do Not Call register 
  • make an informed decision - get all the details before you sign. Do not sign up and read it later 
  • look out for the high-pressure sales tactics listed above 
  • talk to us – there are consumer laws that protect you.

Koori consumers can get more information on our Koori resources page

Our Koori helpline is also available on 1300 66 15 11. 

Consumers can also order free Do Not Knock stickers from:

Door-to-door salespeople must not call on you if you have this sticker prominently displayed.