New educational requirements for prospective conveyancers news alert

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30 September 2021
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On 30 September 2021, changes to the educational requirements for conveyancers will take effect.

The new Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing requires prospective conveyancers to complete nine core units and six electives. To learn more, view Apply for a conveyancer's licence - individual.

Those undertaking the current course have until 19 April 2022 to complete that course. Once completed, prospective conveyancers can continue to rely on that course to apply for a licence after that date.

Conveyancers who are already licensed are not affected by these changes.

After 19 April 2022 registered training organisations will need to deliver the new Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing. This allows for an extended transition period for both registered training organisations and prospective conveyancers.

The changes to the regulations also change the work experience requirements to be licensed, to recognise previous work as a licensed conveyancer. A person who has held a conveyancer’s licence within the last five years will now be able to rely on that experience to be re-licensed, without having to undertake further supervised work experience.

The changes to the educational requirements implement the new national Advanced Diploma of Conveyancing, which was released on 19 October 2020. The Conveyancers (Qualifications and Experience) Regulations 2018 have been amended to give effect to these changes.

The amended Conveyancers (Qualification and Experience) Regulations 2018 are available from Victorian Legislation.